Boudin Balls: Fried boudin comes with pickled chiles &creole mustard vinaigrette: 8

Grilled Chicken: Boneless organic chicken thighs grilled with house spices and served your choice of side: 12

Chaurice Burger: Fresh pork patty (ground in truck) served with fontina cheese, arugula, pickled red onions and fire roasted red peppers. FInished with smoked paprika aioli on Texas toast. Comes with our signature homemade spiced kennebec potato chips: 10

Market Veg: grilled organic vegetables served on an arugula salad, shaved radish and red onion with our house lemon thyme vinaigrette. Tossed with goat cheese and spiced cashews.


Catfish: Fried or blackened farm raised catfish served with your choice of side: 13

Shrimp: Fried or blackened jumbo (6) shrimp served with your choice of side: 14


Alligator Bites: Crispy fried gator and kale slaw served with our chili garlic aioli: 12

Gumbo of the Day: 8 oz of our rich dark gumbo with our truck made andouille sausage: 7

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